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Nieprzychylny Polakom artykuł w "The Times" i protest PPL

Polish Professionals in London podpisał się pod poniższym listem protestującym w sprawie nieprzychylnego tekstu o Polakach, jaki ukazał się w "The Times".

Giles Coren's comment (Today I am make first column in Polski, Feb 2) is not only an affront to the many good, hard-working and honest people in the Polish community who today call the United Kingdom home, but also to the countless Britons who call Poles their friends.
If writing his opinion article in a belittling pidgin English supposedly spoken by Poles across the country is Mr Coren's attempt at satire, he has spectacularly failed to be amusing and succeeded only in being insulting.
However, considering his earlier writings on the Polish immigrant - the use of the racial slur 'Polack' in a previous Times article, and his declaration of 'Fuck the Poles' in the Jewish Chronicle – one must suppose that he is not interested in being amusing but has deliberately set out to hurt, inflame and offend.
His current portrayal of Poles as brutal drunks, burying Jews alive and 'dancing on their graves' is both sickening and saddening, and illustrates how little he knows and understands of the history of Poland.
Despite its frequently tragic past, Poland is a proud nation, the earliest to embrace democracy in modern Europe, with a centuries-old cultural heritage brimming with poetry, literature and art. As our British friends and colleagues already know, we are not the animals Mr Coren makes us out to be.

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Dr Włodzimierz Mier-Jędrzejowicz
Federation of Poles in Great Britain

Łukasz Filim
Executive Board President
Polish Professionals in London

Joanna Młudzińska
Polish Social & Cultural Association

Agata Dmoch
Midlands Polish Business Club

Elżbieta Kardynal
Midlands Polish Community Centre

Anna Kruczkowska and Margot Przymierska
Polish Artists in London

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Chief Executive Officer
Polish Psychologists' Association

A poniżej sam artykuł:

Today I am make first column in Polski

Giles Coren

Published at 12:01AM, February 2 2013

Thanks fishing skiff of 1903, my family live in UK many years. But I am still speak your new second language

Many of you is no doubt read in famous Times newspaper, yesterday before yesterday, how "Polish is now England's second language".
This very interesting small information piece. For what is probable esteemed Times readership not aware: your columnist actual Polski man. Is come in boat from small willage Idzikowice, which is perhaps you not hear from. Though is close glittering metropolis Plonsk, which is not need introduction, being residence place of near 23,000 peoples in Masovian Voivodeship, and home of world-famous Memorial Andrzeja Trochanowskiego bicycles race and also open air theatre festival, medium-size.
Your columnist is not come in boat himself, obvious. Is ancestor, Harry Coren, who is row here in minus-size fishing skiff with baby brother 1903. Is famous story in Coren family. Although always is trouble me: how is row in little boat all way from Idzikowice, when Idzikowice on map is from sea 200 miles minimum?
Your columnist (by which is mean "me", according strange tradition British journalist, where not want say "I" for fear of look solipsism) is only son of only son of first son of world-famous Harry Coren, fishmonger, who is come here rowing in little boat, but also maybe in bus.
Although is probable not allowed in bus, being Jew. In fact, not even is allowed call himself Polish, being Jew. Not fault of Polish peoples. Because is Poland somewhere else at this time, and is Idzikowice technical in Lithuania. Or possible Russia. Or even possible city state Warschau. All terrible complicated. Nobody is proper understand history of Poland. Well some peoples perhaps. But not your columnist.
None of the less, your columnist he is only son of only son of first son of Polish man who is row all way here from Idzikowice (mostly over ploughed fields, so is not for sneezing at) and is for this reason today head of big famous funny writing and monkey performing ha ha Coren family, includes late father Alan, sister Victoria, also less famous cousin Clive, who is write little bit golf for make convenient tax exempt Scotland holidays, manner of dark sheep.
In home speaking private, Coren family is always continue talk only Polski till this day, natural, but is write always English for articles in esteemed organs: Times, Observer, Punch, Putters Weekly etcetera, on account English peoples not very good read Polski.
But today is different. Today is glorious occasion of becoming Poland country of most spoken language in England, not is count English. Also not is count Welsh. Which is confuse Polish mans, because if 562,000 peoples is speak Welsh as big main language, and only 546,000 is speak Polish then is Polish third biggest, logical. But is count second biggest in census 2011 form-filling time waste, because is most of 562,000 Welsh-speaking mans live in Wales, which is not count. But if Wales is not count, why is even speak about Wales? What is Wales have to do with anything? Where even is Wales? I have seeing Prince of Wales in the television and he is relevant in world affairs similar exact with current Queen of Poland (which is not actual exist - I am make here satirical point).
Welsh, ha! I am tell you somethings for nothing: nobody is row 200 miles across actual hard solid ground for arrive in Wales.
So today I am celebrate Polish is become number two language entire of England not count Wales by write whole opinion column topical observation of week's news for first time in actual Polish language. Though is halfway through and still is not properly started talk about important things.
So what I am talk is Liberal Democratical Member of Government, David Ward, who is celebrate Holocaust Memorial Day with say: "I am saddened that the Jews, who suffered unbelievable levels of persecution during the Holocaust, could within a few years of liberation from the death camps be inflicting atrocities on Palestinians in the new State of Israel."
Then is cowardy custard lily liver middle-aged MP make apologetical grovel grovel with say, "Oh, sorry, is not what meant, is mean Israeli government peoples is make bad things with disenfranchised and also some bulldozers. Is not mean 'Jews' exact. Is not mean Holocaust is same. Oh dear, is please to forgive and cetera."
This is not impress Polish mans. Why is Liberal Democratical mans say this? If he not like Jews, say not like Jews. Polish mans is not afraid say is not like Jews.
Is only have look David Ward's cruel black eyes and hard mouth see he is not like Jews. Is not so bad admit. Nobody in England is love especially Jews. Particularly, from experiences of me, is Liberal Democrats not like Jews. I am sit breakfast with more than one Liberal Democrat politician (as esteemed reader know if reading previous what I write many years), and am many times hear anti-Jew funny funnies from old Liberal Democratical mans before 9am.
Not is vile Holocaust nasty. Is only little bit racist. Is like, "Don't let Giles smell the bacon or he'll have to wash" or is: "roast pork for lunch today, Giles, ha ha not really, you can have a bagel!"
Is not great big end of world. I am terrible embarrassed, but who is care? I only Jew. Is better than dig own grave in woods, bang bang dead with genickshusse.
And these mans also is big public anti-Zionists. Is coincidence?
All English left wing is not like Jews. Is like very much black people dancey dancey reggae smoke joints, and Indian people yum yum curry house guilty from colonies. But Jews in other hand, is English leftie not like.
Student campus, example, always big for Palestine cause, which is important and noble cause, but is also nail ha ha bacon rashers on door of Jew for big funny rag week. Well, is happen Oxford. I am not speak for elsewhere.
And when Jewish student young man is not have money for big round drinks, is going everybody his friends "oy veh, Yiddo!" and stroking his noses with the bent finger, and is laugh, ha ha ha, and then is go on march for Palestine. I am sure is coincidence.
In famous Westminster School is teacher make Jewish boy sit in dustbin for big laughs. Is not luckily me. Is other boy weeping, asking why. Is tell by teacher, "Because you're fat and you're Jewish, now shut up!"
I am just say. Is perhaps teacher anti-Zionist only. Is make fair political point. I am not know. Incidental, I am share Westminster School with Nicholas Clegg, leader of Liberal Democratical party including MP David Ward. Is perhaps coincidence.
What is confuse Polish mans is why MP David Ward not just say he not like Jews? Why is not just say, "I said this because Jews make me sick, with their hooked noses and their deviated septums, and their circumcised genitals, and their money and their lust for gentile women"?
Why is make mouthy meal apology? In Poland man who not like Jews simple throw them down well with pitchfork still alive, drink vodka, big laugh ha ha, then is fill in concrete and dance on grave. And is not then afterwards say like scaredy cat coward, "I am sorry for the unintended offence."