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Staż w sieci Barka na rzecz gospodarki solidarnej

Barka UK serdecznie zaprosza Członków PPL do obycia dwu-tygodniowego stażu w Sieci Barka oraz do uczestnictwa w innowacyjnych programach na rzecz gospodarki solidarnej w Polsce.

Może ktoś byłby chętny, aby uczestniczyć w tym stażu w którymś z podanych poniżej terminów? Staż jest bezpłatny i kończy się otrzymaniem Europejskiego certyfikatu Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility.

W razie zainteresowania skontaktuj się z: www.barkauk.org

Oto szczegóły:

Training of staff of civil society organizations and local council officials taking place in the Barka Foundation and Barka Network in Poland

Draft Itinerary of TWO WEEKS TARAINING
(20th – 31th May)

Week I

Day I (20th of May, Monday)

09:00am – breakfast in Chudobczyce Centre
10:00 -12:00am – visit in Posadowek Community (village 10km from Chudobczyce);
meeting with the members of the Community; visiting second hand shop
1.00 - 4.00pm - visit in Wladyslawowo Community (first Barka Community house; village
12km from Chudobczyce); meeting with the Community, the Social Cooperative
2:00pm – lunch in Barka Community Wladyslawowo
4:30pm – return to Chudobczyce Centre
6:30pm – dinner in Chudobczyce

DAY II (21st of May, Tuesday)

9.00am – Breakfast in the Chudobczyce Centre;
10:00am – Farm in Chudobczyce – the Community, the Assosiation to Integrate Barka’s
Community, the Social Enterprise
11.00am – Meeting on Social Integration Centre in Chudobczyce
1.30pm – travel to the Community in Marszewo (village 15km from Chudobczce);
2:00pm – lunch and meeting with the representatives of the social cooperative

Visiting the organic farm in Chudobczyce

4:30pm – return to Chudobczyce
6:30pm – dinner in Chudobczyce
Day III (22nd of May, Wednesday)
8.00am - Breakfast in the Chudobczyce Centre;
9:00am – departure to Poznan (city 60km from Chudobczyce);
10.00am – study visit in Social Integration Centre in Dabrowskiego street (Poznan);
visiting workshops in action
1.00pm – lunch in “Old Bakery” social enterprise in Poznan;
2.00pm – Social Economy Centre of Barka (Poznan); study visit in the Social Integration
Centre (Poznan); meeting with the staff members of the Barka Foundation;
4:00pm – return to Chudobczyce
6.30pm – dinner in Chudobczyce

Day IV (23rd of May, Thursday)

8:00am – breakfast in Chudobczyce
9:00am – departure to Poznan (city 60km from Chudobczyce)
10:00am – visit in Social Integration Centre in Darzyborska Street (Poznan), Social
Emergency Association and Barka Social Settlement of “Darzybor”;
12.30am – visiting Social Integration Centre in Piatkowo settlement (Poznan); meeting
with the staff and the SIC participants
3:00pm – lunch at the „Old Bakery” Social Enterprise;
4:00pm – return to Chudobczyce
6:30pm – dinner in Chudobczyce

Day V (24th of May, Friday)

9:00 – breakfast in Chudobczyce
10:00 – meeting with Tomasz Sadowski about the project „Equal Europe with Africa”
(initiative of Barka and African Communities) and about INISE – International Network of
Innovative Social Enterprises;
1:00pm – lunch in Chudobczyce
2:00pm - Simulation Exercise: „session with the persons in crises situations of social,
family, health, legal and economic nature”.

Admission of a beneficiary – interaction and completing documentation. Initial
assessment and diagnosis by the team. Agreeing a long-term action plan. Outcomes.
Monitoring, statistics and research.

6:30pm – dinner in Chudobczyce


Possible activities
Weekend by the Baltic Sea in Barka’s recreation centre run in a form of social enterprise Or free day in Chudobczyce Travel to Poznan (city 60km from Chudobczyce) or travel to Biskupin (Archeological Museum of the beginnings of Poland 130km from Chudobczyce http://www.biskupin.pl/asp/intro.asp)

Week II

Day VIII (27th of May, Monday)

Participation in the local private-public partnership meeting in South Poland

Day IX (28th of May, Tuesday)



Day X (29th of May, Wednesday)


Return to Chudobczyce

Day XI (30th of May, Thursday)

9:00am – breakfast in Chudobczyce
10:30am – Meeting in the Social Integration Centre in the village of Kwilcz (village
10km from Chudobczyce). Interactions with the representatives of the “KRAM” Social
12:00am – meeting with the Partnership – the mayor, the director of Social Welfare Office,
2.00pm – Lunch in the Catering Social Cooperative in the village of Kwilcz;
3:00pm – Meeting about the “Ogranic group” in Chudobczyce social enterprise. The
history of the Group’s establishment and its goals
6:30pm – dinner in Chudobczyce

Day XII (31st of May, Friday)

08.00am – breakfast in Chudobczyce; departure to Poznan
10:00am – sum up of the 2 weeks training and presentation of certificates
1.00pm – lunch in the “Old Bakery” in Poznan
2:00pm – departure to the airport Lawica in Poznan;
3:55pm – flight to London

free time at the Old Market Square Night in Poznan in hotel Lech


Day XIII (1st of June Saturday)

Breakfast in the hotel
4:45am – departure to the airport Lawica in Poznan
6:15am – flight back to London Luton
11:00am – departure to the airport Lawica
1:00pm – flight back to Liverpool
6:30pm – departure to the airport Lawica
7:50pm – flight back to Doncaster

“Training in Barka’s model programmes for vocational and professional education”. In recent years, the Barka Foundation in Poland has been enjoying increasingly high interest from the local and international vocational education and training professionals (more than 200 study groups from abroad alone have visited Barka up to date). The two-weeks study visit program to Barka Poland is designed to provide professional and thorough training in Barka’s models of social work for vocational education and training professionals whose day to day roles include the design or delivery of training, professional development or careers guidance, globally. Barka Poland's methodology, both in theory and practice, has been developed by professionals in a number of fields (psychologists, social workers, economists, lawyers, educational workers, etc.) over the period of twenty years. Barka Foundations management is very dedicated and professional. Tomasz and Barbara Sadowski, the founders of Barka Foundation, are personally engaged in the training and supervision of the progress of each study group to Barka Network. Barka UK would like to send 30 participants in total to participate in two-weeks training in Barka Poland. The participants will fly to Poland in four groups during the following dates: 20-31 of May 2013, 17 - 28 of June 2013, 8 - 19 July 2013 and 2 - 13 September 2013. During a study visit, groups will undergo both a theoretical and practical training, and have an opportunity to visit such Barka Network projects as: Barka’s communities (Barka’s first and one of the most important projects), such as those in Chudobczyce and Wladyslawowo (the first quasi-cooperative created in village Wladyslawowo in 1989), social cooperatives, Social Economy Centres, Social Integration Centres, Social Animation School, and many more. In terms of the training, the participants will learn about: Recognizing and development of the potentials of individuals who were formerly perceived as ‘ballast’ or burden for the local community and now have become ‘the capital of the local communities’ and are included in the support for others in need, and in rendering services to the benefit of the local community
• How to work with a broad variety of partners in communes all over the country in order to bring about the development and inclusion of those, who are socially excluded persons and the action of local communities
• Revitalization of neglected and bankrupt buildings, warehouses, workshops, and working places making it possible for formerly excluded persons to function independently as rightful citizens
• Forming of social cooperatives, as self-employment companies and the development of persons with legal qualifications and education, so that they could become more enterprising, generate their income, not only relying on benefits and become consumers and contribute to
general economic growth in local communities
• Involvement in the progress of bio variety in former state owned farms, transformed into ecological farms
• Developing international networks of support to vulnerable migrants, ethnic minorities and refugees

The visit will enable the participants to obtain confirmation that Barka Foundation Poland provides suitable and professional services to its beneficiaries on their return from the Ireland. It will also allow the participants to understand more about the context Eastern European clients come from, their motives for coming to the UK and what might be the barriers to help people recover or return when they get into difficulties in Ireland. It will also permit to explore a very different model for assisting with the recovery and inclusion of individuals in trouble and to see whether and how this might ‘fit’ with what is currently taking place in Ireland. The program is designed for vocational education and training professionals, whose work concerns, directly or indirectly, Eastern and Central European migrants (but effectively could be adapted to any migrant group in any country as well as to the native population of any country). The aim is to provide those organizations, official institutions, and their employees with the necessary understanding of the context their Eastern European clients come from, their motives for coming to the UK and what might be the difficulties to help people recover or return to their home countries when their situation in the UK is very difficult.
The participants could also be: various levels of London local borough councils’ employees; local councils employees from other cities and regions of the UK with whom Barka cooperates or is set to begin its cooperation with soon, government delegates, employees of non-profit organizations and charities, employees of day centres, outreach workers, detox centres which cooperate with Barka UK. The aim of the program is to enable vocational education and training professionals from the UK to experience a post-communist country and learn how the ‘broken’ line of history has interrupted the development of communities and how the capacity and confidence of individuals has been reduced by the years of state control. It will enable them to meet and listen to people who are rising above these difficulties and taking the lead in their communities. During the course of the visit they will have a chance to observe:
• The approach Barka takes of meeting people on an open human level (which sometimes might be lost in the 'professionalisation' of services). It will allow them to experience the inclusion throughout the organization and the equality in the interactions between people.
• The importance of the European Union in supporting countries and communities like this. The visit will facilitate their own work, and will enable them to disseminate this knowledge further to their bosses, colleagues, befriended organizations, etc. therefore making this
knowledge and experience available to an even wider group of Irish governmental and non-governmental workers, to enable them to carry out their tasks in a more effective way, reaching back for example to the cultural and linguistic knowledge.




20th – 31st of May 2013

Please complete and return by e-mail to the address by the 3rd of May 2013.

1. Participants information

Family name: ______________________________________________________________________

Title:__________________ £ Prof. £ Dr. £ other: Mr. £ Ms. £ Mrs.________________________

First name:_ _______________________________________________________________________

Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy): ___________________________________________________________

Field of education:___________________________________________________________________

Home address:______________________________________________________________________




2. Information about the organization/institution you work for

Organization/institution name: __________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________

City: _____________________________________________________________________

Country: ___________________________________________________________________

What does your organization/institution do?




3. Please write in a few sentences why you would like to participate in this

training program in Barka Poland (Why do you think it could be important to you

and your work? What do you hope to gain from it?)



4. Dietary Requirements

Special dietary requirements:

I am non-vegetarian/vegetarian/other (please specify): _____________________________

5. Additional Information

The training programme starts from the 20th of May and the arrival of the participants

needs to take place during the weekend (18th or 19th of May).

Payment Information: The training program is free of charge. It is fully financed by the

Leonardo da Vinci Mobility 2012 Program from which Barka UK received a grant.

Comment on Participants: An individual can only profit once from a Leonardo funding in a

PLM (people in the labour market) target group.

a national of a country participating in the Lifelong Learning Program;

a national of another country, who is enrolled in regular courses in schools or

institutions of Vocational Training in a participating country, or employed or living in

participating country.

Europass Mobility: Europass Mobility will be awarded to all participants.

Deadline: Please return completed registration form by 3 of May 2013 by e-mail to

the address . Please use one form per person. If you should

have any problems registering or any other questions, please contact Maria Sadowska

( or 0048 530 435 179).

Confirmation: Please allow 3 days for e-mailed confirmation of your registration.